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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose AmWINS?

Amwins understands your clients' businesses aren't static — they're complex and evolutionary in nature, and require future-focused insurance solutions that keep you a step ahead of risks. As a leading, global specialty insurance distributor, our unparalleled expertise spans 13 industry and risk specialty practices.

How many employees does AmWINS have?

Comprised of 5,349 employees across 124 locations worldwide, Amwins has cemented our place as a global leader. No matter where you are in the world, Amwins has you covered. Explore our locations below.

What is AmWINS global risks?

Amwins Global Risks provides nuanced solutions and support to our mainland European insurance company broker-partners. Amwins Global Risks offers solutions and support to our Asia-Pacific insurance broker-partners.

Why AmWINS underwriting?

Amwins Underwriting is comprised of specialists who understand the nuances of the markets we support. And we've delivered profitable underwriting results to our carrier partners for decades.

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