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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ang?

Hear what our current members have to say about ANG! ANG is the premier membership organization for stitchers of all skill levels who want to hone their craft, advance their techniques, and connect with other stitchers who share a passion for needlepoint.

Why American natural gas (ANG)?

Cleaner, safer, quieter. CNG can be your competitive advantage. Building custom, comprehensive, and scalable CNG stations. At American Natural Gas (ANG) the future is within reach and we can bring you closer. Through our growing network of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations, we’re delivering opportunity to fleets across the country.

What is the meaning of Ang Charles is so ang?

Historical Examples of ang Charles is so ang—I mean he is sure you know about it, or, rather, that you don't know. Footnote 322: There are similar statements in Maydstone, Ang. Aspaltúhun ang baskitbulan, The basketball court will be asphalted. Gibabuybabuy ang hugasan, The sink is infested with wood lice.

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