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Frequently Asked Questions

How many animals does the Animal Hospital treat each year?

The Center treats approximately 3,000-5,000 native and naturalized wild animals representing 225 species per year. Student interns perform as the primary work force of the Center. They are responsible for all aspects of the daily operation of a nonprofit wildlife animal hospital.

Where can I work as a veterinarian in El Zamorano?

At the Pan American Agricultural School in El Zamorano one can work with the chief veterinarian to treat farm animals and hold clinics for livestock in surrounding communities. Reasonably priced housing and meals are available on campus.

What does an animal care technician do at a hospital?

Scheduling patients for appointments in accordance with hospital scheduling guidelines. Veterinary or medical experience strongly preferred. Execute basic animal grooming (baths, nail trims, ear cleaning). Our Animal Care Technicians oversee the comfort, cleanliness, and enjoyment of our boarding and…

What kind of internships does the Hinsdale Humane Society offer?

The Hinsdale Humane Society offers an internship for undergraduate students planning to enroll in a veterinary school and an externship for those already attending a veterinary school. Shelter veterinary medicine involves the skills needed to treat companion animals in large populations.

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