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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to adopt a dog in Louisville Ky?

A 3516 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40218 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals . Please contact shelter for details.

How many animals does Louisville/Jefferson County animal shelter take in last year?

As the local animal shelter serving Louisville/Jefferson County, our organization took in almost 8,000 animals last year. We give these homeless pets a second chance through adoption, rescue, reunification with owners, and so much more.

What is kentkentucky Pets Alive?

Kentucky Pets Alive is a volunteer based 501c (3) organization that was originally formed in August 2008 as Shelby County No Kill Mission of Kentucky, Inc. with the mission to save all adoptable animals at The Shelby County Animal Shelter, which was an open admission municipal shelter until July 2014.

What is the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS)?

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), located in Louisville, KY, is a private, nonprofit organization that is Kentucky's largest pet adoption agency. KHS is also the state's oldest animal welfare organization, founded in 1884.

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