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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular animal on Animal Jam?

Wolf is currently and have always been the most popular animal in the Animal Jam Game. The wolf was one of the 6 original animals togheter whit tiger, koala, rabbit(bunny), Monkey (Now Endangered) and Panda. The wolves are much known for the animals that have the most clans and packs.

How do you login to Animal Jam?

How to Log in to your Animal Jam Account Go to Enter your username in the “Username” field that you will see in the login box on the upper right side of your screen. Type in your password in the second field. Click “Play”.

What is the new animal in Animal Jam?

Log in to your Animal Jam account. If you don't have an account, make sure you create one . Click on the switch animals button in the bottom left corner. It's a light blue circle with a koala on top and a monkey on the bottom, with 2 yellow arrows on the right and left side of them. Click on Create a new animal or recycle one of your animals.

How do you Hack Animal Jam?

Follow the steps below to use our hack tool. Enter your Animal Jam Username. Select the device that you are using. Enter a Membership Length to generate a code. Choose any amount of Gems to generate. Click "Generate". Allow a few minutes for hack to process. Verify you are human if necessary. Re-login to your Animal Jam Account.

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