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Frequently Asked Questions

What do animal shelters need the most?

Whether it’s a blanket, a pillowcase or a beach towel, most linens are happily accepted by animal shelters. Do them a favor and give them a good washing beforehand, preferably with an unscented and gentle laundry detergent. And remember, even the smallest donation can make a HUGE impact for a small creature in need.

Do all animals need shelter?

Human and Animals Need Shelter. Humans and animals need shelter to protect themselves from danger the sun and the rain. People need houses to live in; where members of the family can enjoy, relax and have a good meal. Comfortable homes and good enviroment will make pepole happy and healthy.

What kind of animals are in animal shelters?

All About Animal Shelters. There are also animal sanctuaries, which serve as refuges for homeless animals. These are usually large areas of land that house and care for dogs and cats, as well as for goats, cows, donkeys, pigs and other larger farm animals. Some animal sanctuaries even keep wild animals, such as lions and tigers.

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