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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you adopt a pet from an animal shelter?

Top reasons to adopt a pet Because you'll save a life. Each year, it's estimated that more than one million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States, simply because too many pets ... Because you'll get a great animal. Animal shelters and rescue groups are brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. ... Because it'll cost you less. ... More items...

Why you should adopt a shelter animal?

Adopting a shelter animal not only gives your pet a second chance in a happy home, but can also save it from being euthanized in an overcrowded shelter. By taking home your new pet, you also make room at the shelter for another animal with nowhere else to go.

How many animals are adopted in shelters?

But adoptions from animal shelters and rescues actually fell 17% to approximately 1.6 million in 2020 from over 1.9 million in 2019, according to Shelter Animal Counts, a nonprofit that tracks data regarding animals that spend time in shelters.

Why do animals end up in animal shelters?

13 Reasons Why Dogs End Up in Shelters The dog has not been trained Pet owners need to pour considerable time and energy to train their dogs. ... The lost dog doesn't have a tag or microchip A dog might accidentally escape and wander off, especially when anxious or excited. ... The dog bites The issue of aggression and dog biting ties with dog training. ... More items...

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