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Frequently Asked Questions

Is answers to your questions about Heaven a good book?

The content of Answers to Your Questions about Heaven was okay. Jeremiah talks about heaven, angels, demons, and the millennium. The most thoughtful section of the book was when he answered questions about angels. To briefly sum up, our impressions of angels are vastly different from how they are described in the Bible.

What is the Jeremiah Study Bible?

In 2013, Dr. Jeremiah published The Jeremiah Study Bible, a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand version that was over 40 years in the making. Dr. Jeremiah is much in demand as a speaker because of his commitment to the truth of the Bible and his special ability to help people understand how to apply biblical principles to everyday living.

How many references to heaven are there in the Bible?

The Bible provides more than 600 references to heaven, and we can gain incredible joy and fresh vision for our lives on earth as we read and understand these passages. In the following excerpts from my messages, I point you to a handful of these Scriptures and answer 11 questions about heaven.

How would you describe heaven?

Fast paced and informative, heaven is not the dull, endless eternity some believe it to be but a new adventure with endless possibilities and never-ending joy and thrills. I enjoyed reading the answers to some of the questions I had had myself.

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