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Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best antenna?

Best Car Radio Antenna Reviews Bingfu Universal Car Stereo AM/FM Dipole Antenna. The first product on our recommendation list is an AM FM car radio antenna from Bingfu. ... Votex The Original Car Wash Proof Short EPDM Rubber Antenna. ... Herdio Waterproof Marine Radio Antenna. ... Zoizocop 4.7 Inch Sports Short Antenna. ... GF-LINK New AM/FM Hidden Windshield Antenna Car Radio Truck. ... More items...

What is the best antenna on the market?

The Mohu Leaf is easily the most popular indoor antenna on the market, and while it's far from perfect, it does enough to merit that fanfare for the kind of user being addressed here. Again, it's all relative, but the Leaf 30 was the strongest performer in my testing.

What is the best rated TV antenna?

The Mohu Leaf, one of the best rated TV antennas on Consumer Search, is a super convenient model capable of picking up both UHF and VHF signals, though specializing in the former.

What is the best long distance TV antenna?

Out of all cheap and small TV antennas, Mediasonic Homeworx is probably the best choice you can buy. It can receive signals from 25mile distance which is decent. It has traditional 75-ohm impedance and frequency ranges for VHF 170 – 230MHz, and for UHF 470-860MHz.

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