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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the Antop antenna?

The antenna is multi-directional which is suitable for indoors. It is rated at 65 miles for indoors and 80 miles for outdoors (equivalent to rather large and ugly-looking older antennas). Now I get a boost reception rage and more channels with this ANTOP antenna.

Is the Antop the best choice for You?

So, with the ANTOP getting as many channels and as good a picture as the receiver that was 50% more expensive, the ANTOP was the best choice. Now that the ANTOP was chosen, time to take it OUTDOORS and run it up a pole to see if there is any improvement.

How much better is the Antop reception outside?

Once outside, the ANTOP reception almost doubled, picking up all 13 channels that are available within 80 miles, so it doesn’t get any better than that.

What is the range of the Antop HDTV indoor/outdoor Omni bar antenna?

Antop HDTV Indoor Antenna with 65-Mile Range and Amplifier exclusive! Antop HDTV Indoor/Outdoor Omni Bar Antenna with 75-Mile Range Loading more...

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