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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of ‘any’?

We use any to mean ‘it does not matter which or what’, to describe something which is not limited. We use this meaning of any with all types of nouns and usually in affirmative sentences. When you make a late booking, you don’t know where you’re going to go, do you? It could be any destination. (+ singular countable noun)

What is the difference between any and every?

We use any and every to talk about the total numbers of things in a group. Their meanings are not exactly the same: Any doctor can prescribe medicine. (or Every doctor can …) Every always refers to the total number of something. Any refers to one, several or all of a total number.

How do you use anyany as a pronoun?

Any can be used as a pronoun (without a noun following) when the noun is understood. Have you got some £1 coins on you? Sorry, I don’t think I have any. (understood: I don’t think I have any £1 coins.) Do you find that Elizabeth gets lots of homework? Marie gets a lot. No not really.

What is an example of any in a sentence?

Examples of any in a Sentence Adjective any person who comes in the store today is eligible for the discount Adverb The food there is never any good.

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