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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AOL a good email service?

The Good. AOL Web Mail has an integrated calendar, to-do list, blogging, pictures; unlimited storage; keyboard shortcuts; IMAP desktop access; can keep multiple messages open at the same time ...

Does AOL have a virus?

AOL parasite is a malicious computer programdesigned to attack users thru an AOL Instant Messenger (alsoknown as AIM) and other America OnLine software. A typical AOLvirus is very similar to the trojan horse or aworm.. Similarly, you may ask, does AOL offer free virus protection? AOL has introduced free antivirus softwarethat is likely to become the highest-profile alternative tosecurity ...

What is wrong with AOL?

While most sign in problems can stem from password issues, you might also get blank or missing screens, or various errors when trying to sign in. No matter the problem you're experiencing, the following troubleshooting steps should help you get back in your AOL Mail quickly. Sometimes the old "turn it off and on again" actually works.

Is AOL the same as Internet?

Basically yes it is basically the internet or a version of it back then you had different version compared to the google you had today but AOL was the main one. Originally Answered: Was AOL its own "internet"? Or was it a website or what? Yes, AOL was its own private network. Once you connected to AOL you could not go to anyone else’s network.

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