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Frequently Asked Questions

What does apie do?

Academic and Professional International Evaluations (APIE) is dedicated to assisting individuals, colleges and universities, immigration attorneys, state licensing boards, and other agencies in the interpretation of foreign educational programs in terms of US equivalents.

What is the apie problem-solving approach?

Furthermore, the APIE problem-solving approach emphasizes the need for suitable implementation of a plan, but wider roles of nurse and the patient need to be considered to deliver personalised care.

What is the apie approach to care planning?

In summary, the APIE approach remains a commonly used and rationale approach to care planning in nursing practice. Each stage of the APIE is a justifiable component of the nursing process and can contribute to effective decision-making.

What is the first stage of the apie?

The first stage of the APIE is ‘assessing’, which entails a thorough analysis of the presenting complaint and the overall account of the individual patient (Hill, 2015). The assessing process is not a list of presenting problems, but a more systematic integration of quantitative and qualitative data.

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