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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Applebees have a lunch menu?

The Applebee’s Lunch Hours Menu can be roughly divided into twelve broad categories, each with many unique and delicious lunch items. This menu is available almost all day long, with minor changes here and there. The menu also features Lunch Combos, curated especially for the customers.

Do Applebees have a drive thru?

The restaurant chain will be testing a drive-thru pickup window at one location in Texarkana, Texas, Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) reported. According to the trade publication, customers will be able to order online, on the Applebee’s app or by phone and will be given an estimated time that they will be able to pick up their order.

Does Applebees have Blondies?

Which dessert at Applebee's is the most unhealthy? Unhealthiest dessert: Butter pecan blondie You're better off consuming an entire Applebee's lava cake. What's the difference between a Blondie and a brownie? The main difference between a blondie and a brownie is the chocolate. Blondies are occasionally referred to as “blonde brownies”.

How much is Applebees delivery fee?

Delivery fee is $5.99 now Applebee’s... Microwave food that takes 40 mins to microwave. Fuck Applebees. Lol applebees recommends you bring your own lunch while you wait for the food to get ready. This it so true lol, possibly slowest restaurant in existence. We can only hope! Maybe it varies between franchises, I dunno.

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