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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apple Lossless truly lossless?

Yes it is. ALAC translates as Apple LOSSLESS Audio Codec. ALAC is utilizing lossless compression, unlike MP3 that uses lossy compression, losing certain audio information in the process. 299 views · Answer requested by

How do I convert Apple Lossless to AAC?

in iTunes, go preferences > general. click on import settingsand set import using AAC encoder. in setting, choose the desired bit rate (i.e. iTunes plus for AAC 256) and ok out. select the songs to be converted and, from the advancedmenu, choose create AAC version. MoreLess

What makes an audio format lossless?

Lossless audio simply implies that no data is missing during the compression process; the quality of a lossless file is thus determined by the original source being compressed. Although lossless is commonly used to refer to digital audio files with the same quality as a CD (16-bit/44.1 kHz), many lossless streaming services provide even higher ...

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