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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for EFPs?

Step 1: Access BIR website at, using your internet browser. Step 2: Click on eFPS icon to go the eFPS home page. Step 3: From the eFPS Login page, click on 'Enroll to eFPS ' link. Step 4: The eFPS enrollment form appears. Complete the required fields on the Enrollment Form page.

How do I enroll in EFTPS®?

To enroll, or for more information on enrollment, visit EFTPS® or call EFTPS® Customer Service to request an enrollment form: 1-800-555-4477. 1-877-333-8292 (Federal Agencies) 1-800-733-4829 (TDD Hearing-Impaired) 1-800-244-4829 (Español)

What is EFPs (electronic filing and payment system)?

eFPSstands for Electronic Filing and Payment System, and it refers to the system developed and maintained by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for electronically filing tax returns, including attachments, if any, and paying taxes due thereon, specifically through the internet.

How do I enroll in Bir EFPs?

Choose a username (one word, should be at least 8 characters) Enter an active Email Address. Enter the Verification Code and Captcha code to complete the enrollment. Once the Enrollment to BIR eFPS has been successful, this confirmation message will appear on the screen:

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