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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Arena swimwear?

Used by international top athletes and the official swim teams of UCSD, UC Berkeley, and Cal Poly, Arena swimwear is as synonymous with water as it is to swimming. Arena boasts a number of streamline, comfortable, and durable swimsuits that are perfect for competitive swimming and races.

What are Arena shoes?

Step into comfort and style with arena’s slides, sandals, flip flops and water shoes. Highly technological fabrics for quick-drying comfort during workout. A line of cool sportswear styles inspired by vintage arena designs from the ’70s.

Why choose Arena?

With offices populating Europe, Asia and the US, Arena is making waves worldwide with their quality line of goggles, training equipment and competitive swimwear. Whatever your swim needs, Arena has you covered with their jammers, one pieces, and neck-to-knee suits.

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