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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some interesting facts about Ares?

Facts About Ares. Ares is a bearded and good looking god when he was in his prime. He was always portrayed as a very handsome young man. He holds a spear and has vultures and dogs in his company. Some of his positive qualities are decisiveness and fearlessness. He is very determined and makes extremely strong decision.

What are facts about Ares?

Facts About Ares. In Greek mythology, Ares is touted as the god of war. With his trouble-maker and uncivil reputation, Ares is known to be always at war with different gods, goddesses, and other figures in Greek mythology. Ares is one of several sons of Zeus, the king of all Gods.

What are some myths about Ares?

Although Ares was not a major figure in Greek mythology, some stories tell of his love affairs with the goddess Aphrodite* and with human women. Some of his sons became kings, warriors, and in one case a bandit. In one myth Poseidon's* son raped a daughter of Ares, and Ares struck the youth dead.

What does Ares look like?

Physical Appearance & Symbols - Ares Ares wore black armor and a gold helmet. He had demon eyes and long hair. His weapons were a spear and a shield.

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