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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the cities in Arizona?

Phoenix is the state capital and also the largest city in Arizona. Glendale and Mesa are two important cities in Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Tucson, state's second largest city, is located further down south. Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Yuma, and Flagstaff are other major cities in Arizona.

What are the major geographic regions of Arizona?

Arizona Geography The Colorado Plateau. The Colorado Plateau is considered a flat, dry, and a semi-desert region, covering the northern two-fifths of the state of Arizona. The Transition Zone. ... Basin and Range Region. ... Arizona geography includes these six "life zones," and are listed below. ...

How many states are in Arizona?

Arizona is a state located in the Western United States. There are 91 incorporated cities and towns in the U.S. state of Arizona as of 2010.

Where is the geographic center of Arizona?

The geographic center of Arizona is located in Yavapai County, 55 miles (89 km) east-southeast of Prescott.

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