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Frequently Asked Questions

Does part of Arizona have its own time zone?

With the exception of the Navajo Nation, Arizona does not set the clocks forward 1 hour in spring for DST with the rest of the United States. Almost all of Arizona is on the same time zone , Mountain Standard Time (MST), all year. The time zone has a UTC offset of minus 7 hours (UTC-7).

When does Arizona change time zones?

Most of Arizona does not use DST. The only exception is the Navajo Nation where clocks spring forward 1 hour together with the rest of the United States on the second Sunday in March and fall back again on the first Sunday in November (see locations in the table below). Daylight Saving Time Info

What time zone is Arizona currently in?

Arizona City, Arizona is located in the Mountain Time Zone, which means that the current time is Mountain Standard Time (MST).

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