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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the Arteza gel ink pens refill?

This Arteza Gel Ink Pens Refill set includes: 60 vividly colored gel ink refills in classic, glitter, metallic, pastel, fluorescent, and neon shades. The wide variety of colors and finishes encourages you to really level up your coloring, writing, drawing, illustrating, and doodle game.

What does Artera do?

Artera supports communities by repairing pipelines for water, wastewater, industrial and nuclear, using the innovative methods to repair or replace aged infrastructure. Artera offers a diverse portfolio of specialty services ranging from external joint repair, hydro excavation, telecom and fiber construction, as well as sewer inspection and repair.

Is Artera a good company to work for?

With iron-clad operational excellence and governance practices, Artera is forging best-in class safety ratings. Together, Artera builds the foundation that keeps America strong. Who can i sell my wigs to?

Can I use the Arteza paint brush pens with water?

Endless Creative Options: Use your Arteza Paint Brush Pens with water to create delicate watercolor effects. Or, use without water for dry-brush painting, sketching, coloring, calligraphy & more.

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