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Frequently Asked Questions

What does aspx stand for?

ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended File, and it is developed by Microsoft. It is a type of ASP.NET Web file that can feature business logic, Web controls and presentation.

What is aspx file type?

An ASPX file is a server-generated web page that may contain VBScript or C# code. It is often written with Microsoft Visual Web Developer and designed for the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. ASPX files contain scripts that are processed on the web server and the resulting HTML is sent to the user's web browser.

What does aspx extension mean?

A file with the ASPX file extension is an Active Server Page Extended file that's designed for Microsoft's ASP.NET framework. ... ASPX files are generated by a web server and contain scripts and source codes that help communicate to a browser how a web page should be opened and displayed.

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