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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of assessment for learning?

What is assessment for learning? Assessment for learning (AFL) is an approach to teaching and learning that creates feedback which is then used to improve students’ performance. Students become more involved in the learning process and from this gain confidence in what they are expected to learn and to what standard.

What are the four steps of the assessment cycle?

The Four Steps of the Assessment Cycle Step 1: Clearly define and identify the learning outcomes Step 2: Select appropriate assessment measures and assess the learning outcomes Step 3: Analyze the results of the outcomes assessed Step 4: Adjust or improve programs following the results of the learning outcomes assessed

How do you assess a learner?

There are lots of different ways to assess a learner. This includes formal testing. However, a teacher will use a variety of formal and informal assessment activities throughout the learning process. Any activity which checks how well a student is learning is assessing that student’s learning.

What is an end of learning assessment?

Typically end-of-learning assessment tasks such as examinations and tests, to measure and record the level of learning achieved, for progression to the next level or for certification. A complete description of the content, assessment arrangements and performance requirements for a qualification.

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