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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the assignment of Claims Act?

Assignment of Claims Act and Federal Contracts. In support of the build up for World War II, the U.S. federal government put into place a set of rules in 1940 to assist in the financing of government contracts. This is commonly called the Assignment of Claims Act of 1940 and it allows for the transfer or making over by the contractor to a bank,...

How do you file a proof of claim?

The Proof of Claim is created and electronically filed through the Court’s website. Supplemental documentation to the Proof of Claim may be attached. Attorneys may file the Proof of Claim by indicating, "filed by: attorney" or they may obtain an ECF login and password to file the Proof of Claim in ECF.

What is an assignment of insurance?

An assignment of insurance is a process that is used to temporarily transfer or assign the benefits associated with some type of insurance plan. The most common example of this type of assignment is found with whole-life insurance polices when the cash value of the policy is used for collateral on a loan.

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