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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my assignment satisfaction key?

Once you access the U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC) web site, you will click on the "Assignment Satisfaction Key" displayed above. Soldiers will need a Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to their information. More Information on ASK

How do I update my assignment preferences and information?

You can update assignment preferences and related information through a newly developed web application. The "Assignment Satisfaction Key" or "ASK" Internet tool provides the capability to post assignment preference information directly to the Total Army Personnel Database. U.S Army Human Resources Command...

What is assignassignment preference?

Assignment Preference - Assignment preferences will be used when you are being considered for assignment. You must select 6 locations (3 CONUS and 3 OCONUS). Two CONUS preferences msut be selected from Assignment Location List (asg Loc List) A and one from Asg Loc List B.

Do I have to fill out unique assignments in the Army?

While U.S Army Human Resources Command (HRC)must still fill unique assignments, the majority of assignment locations will be available for you to select. Those who decline to submit preferences will be assigned according to the needs of the Army.

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