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How many MLB players have worn number 15?

Plenty of players have worn No. 15 throughout the long history of baseball, and with 2015 upon us, takes a look at 20 Major Leaguers who have excelled while wearing the number. Dick Allen: He spent 15 years in a Major League uniform and played for five organizations.

Who wore each number on a professional sports team?

Eighty-eight years ago this week, the New York Yankees became the first professional sports team to permanently wear numbers on their uniforms. Which got us thinking about the greatest athletes -- across all sports -- who wore each number, from 00 to 99.

Who wore number 15 for the Cardinals?

Jim Edmonds: One of the best to ever roam the outfield, Edmonds wore 15 for five teams -- Cardinals, Padres, Cubs, Brewers and Reds. Across 17 Major League seasons, Edmonds won eight Gold Glove Awards, including six in a row from 2000-05. George Foster: The left fielder wore the No. 15 for 15 of his 18 Major League seasons.

Who wore number 15 for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Darrell Porter: Porter donned No. 15 in 15 of his 17 seasons. The catcher wore the number in Milwaukee, Kansas City and St. Louis. Porter made four All-Star teams throughout his career, including three in a row from 1978-80.

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