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Frequently Asked Questions

Is “a” masculine or feminine in Spanish?

Every word that starts with “a/á/ha” is masculine. This is true even if it ends with “a” (which typically makes the word feminine). But, we have a small exception for these words. When it’s singular, we use the masculine article (el). But when it’s plural, we switch it to feminine (las).

What is the meaning of Atlético?

atlético m (feminine singular atlética, masculine plural atléticos, feminine plural atléticas, comparable) athletic (relating to athletes or athletics) athletic (having a muscular, well developed body)

What is the plural of “the” in Spanish?

It’s not quite as simple as in English (where everything, plural or not, is just “the”), but the rules are very simple. Let’s just dig in and you’ll see what I mean. The Spanish “the” is used just like we would in English. This is called the “definite” article (because you’re talking about a particular thing, not just “a” thing).

Is Mesa masculine or feminine in Spanish?

If you go back to the lesson you will see that some of the colours don't change, they have the same form for masculine and feminine nouns (they are invariable). This is the case for "marrón" and "gris". Mesa is a feminine noun, are you sure the answer you give is correct?

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