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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some sports in Spanish?

List of Sports in Spanish 1 ajedrez – chess 2 atletismo – athletics (track and field) 3 bádminton – badminton 4 baloncesto – basketball 5 béisbol – baseball 6 billar – pool 7 bolos – bowling 8 boxeo – boxing 9 carrera de BMX – BMX racing 10 carrera de caballos – horse racing Mas cosas...

How do you say football in Spanish?

While not very commonly used, the word balompié is the most Spanish way to say football. It comes from joining the word balón (ball) to the word pie (foot). Because of spelling rules, in Spanish the n and the p cannot go together, so we substitute the final “n” in balón and change it for an “m”.

What does practicar UN Deporte mean in Spanish?

Notice that practicar un deporte is often used to say you play a sport. If you would like more vocabulary associated with sport, see our page about typical things associated with each sport in Spanish.

What does athathletic mean?

athletic ( ahth - leh - dihk ) 1 (related to track and field) 2 (sporty) 3 (muscular and strong)

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