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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atomic Games known for?

Atomic Games, Inc. was an American video game developer based in Austin, Texas, specializing in wargames. The company was founded by Keith Zabalaoui in 1989, and is best known for developing the Close Combat series of real-time wargames, as well as the V for Victory series.

How did atomic change the world of gaming?

Atomic followed it up with more V for Victory games, as well as the popular World at War series. Atomic’s Close Combat series forever changed strategy games by merging realistic battle simulation with frenetic action, pioneering the “real-time tactical” genre.

When did Atomic Games become a publisher?

(April 2018) Atomic Games was signed to Avalon Hill in 1993 by the company's Jim Rose, and began developing Beyond Squad Leader and the World at War series for its new publisher.

When did Destineer acquire Atomic Games?

Atomic Games was acquired by Destineer on May 6, 2005, while collaborating on Close Combat: Red Phoenix and Close Combat: First to Fight.

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