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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the word 'attraction' come from?

attraction (n.) late 14c., from French attraction, from Latin attractionem (nominative attractio) "a drawing together," noun of action from past participle stem of attrahere (see attract).

What is the definition of the word attraction?

Definition of attraction. 1a : the act, process, or power of attracting. b : personal charm. 2 : the action or power of drawing forth a response : an attractive quality.

What are the 7 Laws of attraction?

Even though the Law of Attraction is one of the 12 universal laws, there are seven laws that fall under the Law of Attraction alone. These seven laws and what they mean are outlined below: 1. The Law of Manifestation. This law means that anything we focus on constantly will manifest in your lives.

What are the rules of attraction?

Rules of Attraction is the companion novel to Perfect Chemistry. The main characters in Perefect Chemestry are Alex and Brittany, the main characters in Rules of Attratction are Carlos (Alex's little brother) and Kiara.

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