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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get AWS Certified?

Such as courses, training and mock exams. All these add up to the total cost of getting AWS certified. The AWS Certifications themselves cost anywhere between $150 to $300. This does not take into account the additional cost of the learning materials required to pass the exam. This can vary wildly from $0 to $2095.

Is AWS cloud architect certification worth it in India?

As a result, AWS cloud architect certification has now become the most sought after certification done by IT employees to attain a better package for themselves. Today, we are going to discuss AWS certification costs in India in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. along with its benefits.

How do I prepare for an AWS certification exam?

The best preparation for certification exams is practical experience. We recommend six months to two years of hands-on experience using AWS. We also offer training and materials to help you prepare. View the AWS Certification Preparation page for recommended training, practice exams, exam guides, whitepapers, sample questions, and other resources.

How to get AWS Certified big data – specialty certification?

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty 1 Prerequisite: At least two years of hands-on experience using Amazon web services. 2 Exam Duration: 170 minutes 3 Format: Multiple choice questions and multiple-answer 4 Exam Fees: 300 USD More ...

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