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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ayoba and how does it work?

Ayoba is an all-in-one app that allows you to chat, call, read, play, and listen to music. With ayoba you can chat with anyone regardless of whether they have the ayoba app or not. Also, MTN subscribers can chat with other ayoba users on other mobile networks.

How much does ayoba cost?

Ayoba is a free messaging app for your Android mobile phone. Chat to your friends, transfer money and much more! Sorry, ayoba is currently only available on Android devices. You will incur standard data charges for the download. No download charges on selected networks.

What happens if you don't have the ayoba app?

Users who do not have the app will receive an instant message as SMS from an ayoba user and will be able to respond via SMS and it will display within the ayoba user’s chat in the app. Ayoba is an open platform open to creators and publishers to boost third-party innovation.

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