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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Bag Balm?

Bag Balm is a salve developed in 1899 to soothe irritation on cows' udders after milking. It is used as a treatment for chapped and irritated skin on humans and can be found in places such as drugstores, ski resorts, online vendors, and needlework stores, in addition to farm and feed stores.Its uses are claimed to be many, for example: "squeaky bed springs, psoriasis, dry facial skin, cracked ...

Is Bag Balm a good Lube?

Bag Balm is revered as an effective lubricant that is good for the skin, in contrast to the mainstay lubricants otherwise available. Hunters sometimes coat their bullet shell casings with Bag Balm for easier reloading, and back in World War II, Allied Troops stationed in the North Pole smeared it on their weapons to keep them from corroding.

Do you know the history of Bag Balm?

The Original Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer was initially developed for chafed and cracked cow udders by a pharmacist in Wells River. Lyndonville farmer John L. Norris recognized that the salve would not only work for cow udders, but also for the dry skin conditions the people of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom experienced during the harsh winter weather.

Does Bag Balm go bad?

No, Bag Balm® doesn’t go “bad” but you may want to make sure your can of Bag Balm isn’t so old that it has the old formulation, which contained mercury compounds. It should state that it contains 8-hydroxyquinolone on the side of the can. Want to hear more?

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