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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play balance Druid in Shadowlands?

How to Play Balance Druid in Shadowlands Balance's class fantasy is controlling the sun and the moon to do damage from range with Nature and Arcane spell schools. You are in a higher state and gain bonus damage by being in Moonkin Form. Balance Druid is a general builder/spender that has two damage over time effects.

Are balance Druids good in PvP Wow?

Balance Druid PvP Overview. Balance Druids are hybrid casters that deal a lot of burst damage and support their team while doing so. Due to their different Shapeshift forms, they offer a lot of mobility and a smooth, flexible, and fun gameplay!

How do you get PvP gear in Shadowlands?

Balance Druid PvP Gear In Shadowlands, your endgame gear is going to be obtained by earning weekly rewards. These will be given to you by the Great Vault in exchange for acquiring Honor from Rated PvP. There are also PvP Vendors.

What is the best talent build for a balance Druid?

Recommended Talent Build for Balance Druids in PvP Tier 1 - Nature's Balance/Warrior of Elune. Nature's Balance is really nice for gaining more Astral Power overall and having a initial Starsurge or Starfall available at the beginning of a game to get Rogue's and other stealth classes out of stealth.

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