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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most famous ballerina?

Margot Fonteyn may be the all-time most famous ballerina in the world; the Babe Ruth of ballet. Fonteyn was born in May of 1919 in England and began ballet classes at age four.

Who sings Pretty Ballerina?

"Pretty Ballerina" is a song written by pianist Michael Brown (born Michael Lookofsky) and was a number 15 hit for his band The Left Banke on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reaching #4 in the Canadian RPM Magazine charts.

Who is the best ballet dancer of all time?

Mikhail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov, also known by nickname ‘Misha’ is a Russian- American ballet dancer, who is regarded as one of the best ballet dancers of all time.

Who was the first black ballerina?

Llanchie Stevenson was the first African-American dancer at Radio City Music Hall Ballet Company and later at the National Ballet of Washington, D.C. She was a founding company member and principal dancer at Dance Theatre of Harlem.

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