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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bangladesh Bank’s data available to the general public?

Bangladesh Bank took another step forward in making its vast repository of data accessible to the general public. Data from the Monthly Economic Trends publication can now be easily downloaded by anyone interested, free of cost, into an Excel file .

Is bangbangladesh Bank (BB) in the market?

Bangladesh Bank (BB) is not in the market on a day-to-day basis, and undertakes USD purchase or sale transactions with dealer banks at prevailing inter-bank exchange rates only as needed to maintain orderly market conditions.

What is the Bangladesh Bank Open Data Initiative?

We will progressively bring out other data in easily downloadable format, and develop new user-friendly applications, as part of this "Bangladesh Bank Open data initiative" to promote greater use of data for more effective policymaking. The Bank also compiles and publishes a range of economic data in html format. Interest Rate Spread.

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