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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biman Bangladesh Airlines known for?

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the leading aviation company in the country and is known for its efficiency, hospitality and safety record. Interestingly, the first aircraft of the airline was DC-3, which was gifted by the Bangladesh Air Force on the 4th January, 1972. Biman Bangladesh flights operate to different parts of the world.

How many accidents have there been in Biman Bangladesh Airlines?

The carrier also formerly operated the following aircraft: , Aviation Safety Network records 12 accidents/incidents for Biman Bangladesh Airlines, with two of them leading to fatalities. Crashed near Dhaka during a training flight.

What is the check-in process at binbiman Bangladesh Airlines?

Biman Bangladesh Airlines staff is trained to provide quick and efficient check-in. If your travel takes you through Dhaka for a connecting flight, you will be met by representatives to assist you with flight connections upon arrival. It is important that you arrive at the check-in counter for your flight on time.

When did bangbangladesh Biman begin operating London-Dacca charter services?

Bangladesh Biman, new national carrier of Bangladesh, began operating London-Dacca charter services by subcontract to British Caledonian on 4 March. ^ a b c "Airliner market". Flight International. Vol. 120 no. 3779. 10 October 1981.

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