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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official religion of Bangladesh?

Islam is the official religion in Bangladesh and is practiced by some 88 percent of the country's inhabitants. Other religions that are active in Bangladesh include Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, animism and tribal belief systems.

What do people in Bangladesh believe in?

Religious Beliefs In Bangladesh Sunni Islam. Islam is the dominant religion in Bangladesh, and its adherents constitute 83.4% of the total population. Hinduism. Hinduism has a 10.3% share of the population in Bangladesh. ... Shia and Ahmadiyya Islam. ... Buddhism. ... Roman Catholicism. ... Other Faiths in Bangladesh. ...

Is Bangladesh a secular country or a Muslim country?

The large Muslim population of Bangladesh makes it the third-largest Muslim-majority country. The constitution declares Bangladesh a secular state, while establishing Islam as a state religion.

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