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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 1995 Major League season minor league standings?

1995 Major League Season Minor Leagues Standings Schedule Fielding Batting Pitching Managers Fielding Standard Fielding Appearances Pitcher Catcher First Base Second Base Third Base Shortstop Left Field Center Field Right Field Outfield Batting Standard Batting Value Advanced Batting Sabermetric Batting Win Probability Spring Training

Why was the 1995 MLB season 144 games?

However, due to the 1994–95 Major League Baseball strike which carried into the 1995 season, a shortened 144-game schedule commenced on April 25, when the Florida Marlins played host to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What happened in the World Series in 1995?

In the 1995 World Series, the Braves took the first two at home vs. Cleveland. Then, during the three games at Jacobs Field, the Indians won games 3 and 5 but those games sandwiched around the Braves 5–2 game 4 victory.

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