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Frequently Asked Questions

How many games were in the 1996 MLB season?

1996 MLB season League Major League Baseball Sport Baseball Duration March 31 – October 26, 1996 Number of games 162 19 more rows ...

Who won the World Series in 1996 in baseball?

The 1996 Major League Baseball season was the final season of play before the beginning of Interleague play the following season. It ended with the New York Yankees defeating the defending champion Atlanta Braves in six games for the World Series title, the Yankees first championship since 1978.

Who are the best MLB players in 1996?

MLB Season History - 1996 1 Andres Galarraga 150 2 Albert Belle 148 3 Juan Gonzalez 144 4 Mo Vaughn 143 5 Rafael Palmeiro

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