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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the prime minister say about ni in her interview?

The prime minister told BBC News NI in an interview she wanted to assure people in NI that they would receive the same level of support.

Why is there no government in Northern Ireland?

There has been no executive in Northern Ireland since February when the then DUP First Minister Paul Givan resigned as part of the party's protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol.

When will the Northern Ireland energy support discount be backdated?

Households in Northern Ireland will get a £400 energy support discount in November, Liz Truss has confirmed. The prime minister said the payment will be backdated to 1 October - the same date when households in GB receive their electricity bill discounts.

Can the Northern Ireland Protocol be negotiated?

On the Northern Ireland Protocol, the prime minister said she remained open to finding a negotiated solution with the EU "but only if it fixes the problems the government has identified".

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