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Frequently Asked Questions

Is now the time for another referendum in Scotland?

The UK government has repeatedly stated that "now is not the time" for another referendum, with a spokesman saying that remained its position. He added: "People across Scotland want to see both of their governments working together on the issues that matter to them.

What happened to bollards in Edinburgh?

Bollards to stop an illegal left-turn have been knocked down by drivers in Edinburgh. From royal palaces to glamorous restaurants to trees that aren't really trees. The new arrivals brought cheer to their parents in the early hours of Christmas morning. Danube Street in Edinburgh was once home to Scotland's most famous brothel.

What's happening with ScotRail?

ScotRail services will be severely reduced until Sunday because of the latest RMT strike. About 2,000 homes on Shetland are without power on a day when temperatures in Braemar peaked at -9.3C. CalMac's MV Lord of the Isles serves a route between Lochboisdale and Mallaig.

Can Nicola Sturgeon set a date for a Brexit referendum?

Nicola Sturgeon has set a date for a referendum that may not happen. That's because she's making clear it can only go ahead if it is considered legal by judges in the UK Supreme Court - and that's far from certain.

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