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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the Glasgow Business Summit?

The summit was a successful showcase for Glasgow, and for the social and business benefits of getting back together, post-Covid. A 92-year-old water aerobics instructor has returned to teaching classes poolside after the easing of Covid restrictions.

What happened on the Edinburgh City Bypass?

The collision happened early this morning on the Edinburgh City Bypass. Workmen uncover "exciting" story of high society living just 200 yards from the slums of Edinburgh. Families have received hundreds of thousands of items of unwanted stock to help them during the cost of living crisis.

What does Nicola Sturgeon say about child poverty in Scotland?

Nicola Sturgeon tells the SNP conference that eradicating child poverty is "essential" for Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon says the doubling of the Scottish child payment is the 'boldest and most ambitious anti-poverty measure anywhere in the UK'.

What happened on the M8 Glasgow City?

M8 Glasgow City westbound severe accident, at J18 for A82 Great Western Road. M8 Glasgow City - Two lanes closed on M8 westbound at J18, A82 (Charing Cross), because of an accident involving three cars.

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