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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BD Vacutainer used for?

INTENDED USE BD Vacutainer Tubes, Needles and Holders are used together as a system for the collection of venous blood. BD Vacutainer Tubes are used to transport and process blood for testing serum, plasma or whole blood in the clinical laboratory. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BD Vacutainer

What is the BD Vacutainer® cpttm cell preparation tube with sodium citrate?

TEST PRINCIPLES The BD Vacutainer® CPT™ Cell Preparation Tube with Sodium Citrate is an evacuated blood collection tube system containing 0.1 M sodium citrate anticoagulant and blood separation media composed of a thixotropic polyester gel and a FICOLL™ Hypaque™ solution.

How do you mix BD Vacutainer preservative urine tubes?

®For all BD Vacutainer Preservative Urine Tubes, mix tubes 8–10 times by inversion. 3 g. If another tube is to be filled, leave transfer straw in container and repeat steps c–f. 3. Lift transfer straw from cup and allow specimen to drain.

Can I use BD Vacutainer tubes containing lithium heparin?

Do not use BD Vacutainer Tubes containing lithium heparin for lithium measurement. For coagulation tests, if patient hematocrit is above 55%, the final citrate concentration in the specimen should be adjusted.

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