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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a beach Cabana in Tulum?

Tulum is famous for its ruins but is also known for its beach cabañas. A cabin, hut, or shelter, esp. one at a beach or swimming pool. We’ll admit, the official definition is a little scary. In Tulum, the cabanas are cabin-like shelters varying in degrees of comfort and amenities with either ocean or garden views.

Where to stay in Tulum-beachfront or oceanfront?

Cabanas Tulum has the most beachfront property of anything I saw and the most coconut trees for shade, which means you're not confined to a small area with a lot of guests. Definitely stay oceanfront. And, I suggest bringing fabrics, candles, and anything else that you might enjoy to create ambience in your cabana.

Is there an Airbnb style in Tulum?

Sueños Tulum has quite a few different styles of rooms – all beachfront Tulum Airbnb style. They have a couple different buildings, but the most unique is their ‘Mayan Temple’ building that has 3 floors and is divided into two separate open-plan Airbnb’s.

What is the minimum age at Cabanas Tulum?

Cabanas Tulum Hotel has been reviewed by TRIPADVISOR as one of the 10 most breathtaking beach-side hotels of the world! Our guests’ minimum age at Cabanas Tulum is 14.

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