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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a beagle a good dog?

It is sociable, brave and intelligent. The Beagle is excellent with children and generally good with other dogs, but because of its hunting instincts, should not be trusted with non-canine pets, unless socialized with cats and other household animals when young. Beagles have minds of their own.

Are Beagles good pets?

Beagles can definitely make good pets. They are fun and active dogs that get along with every family member, including children and other animals. The only difficulty is training a Beagle, but as long as you follow proven dog training methods and stay persistent, you are bound to succeed.

What is the best non shedding family dog?

Poodles are non shedding dogs. This is true for all three varieties: The toy, miniature and the standard. A household with small children is not the ideal place for any toy breed, like the toy poodle, but a miniaure or standard might be the perfect fit your family.

What dog looks like a beagle?

The Beagle is a sturdy, hardy little hound dog that looks like a miniature Foxhound. The body is squarely-built while the skull is fairly long and slightly domed. The square muzzle is straight and medium in length. The large eyes are brown or hazel and are set well apart.

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