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Frequently Asked Questions

Who designed the Beatles logo?

The REAL truth is that Erwin Ross Invented the 1st Beatles drop `T´Logo back in 1960 for the Beatles in Hamburg, way before Ivor Arbiter! there is a photo to prove that.Ross was a wellknown painter that did the Posters for the beatles concerts in Hamburg Germany before they ever went to London in 1963.

What font is used for the Beatles logo?

Beatles font. The name of the font used in The Beatles logo is Bootle. This font was created in-house by the font design team at Northern Fonts Ltd. This font is licensed as freeware, which essentially means that you are free to download and use it for personal use only. For all commercial applications, please get in touch with the font author ...

Are the Beatles public domain?

Who’s blocking The Beatles from entering public domain? Early Beatles recordings might have entered public domain, but, a new complaint alleges, major labels could still be in control. In Canada, until very recently, sound recordings were protected by copyright for 50 years, after which time, they’d fall into public domain.

Who owns Let It be by the Beatles?

Michael Jackson subsequently purchased the rights to songs including Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Let It Be. Jackson made a deal with Sony/ATV. Jackson made a deal with Sony/ATV.

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