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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie beautifully broken?

The Beautifully Broken cast includes Scott William Winters, Benjamin Onyango, Emily Hahn, Eric Roberts, Jessica Obilom, Caitlin Nicol-Thomas, Alan Powell, Eugene Khumbanyiwa, Tammi Arender, and television personality Thomasina 'Goo Goo' Atkins. Christian music legends Toby McKeehan and Michael W. Smith also make appearances in the film.

Why do we make art with broken objects?

With this technique it’s possible to create true and always different works of art, each with its own story and beauty, thanks to the unique cracks formed when the object breaks, as if they were wounds that leave different marks on each of us.

Where was Beautifully Broken filmed?

Filmed on location in Port Alfred, South Africa and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Beautifully Broken is directed by Eric Welch (DC Talk: Welcome to the Freak Show) and written by Brad Allen, Chuck Howard and Martin Michael (I Am Not Ashamed), along with Mark McCann (Harmony).

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