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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose these handmade Mexican garden benches?

Each piece is unique and will add Mexican countryside charm to any southwest or rustic decor. These colorful handmade benches are perfect for a Mexican restaurant or your own patio or entry way.

What is a rustic painted bench made of?

Our colorful rustic painted benches are made from a mix of reclaimed wood and new wood. These unique Mexican benches are hand painted with a color washed look that reveals streaks of the woods natural color under the overlying paint. Each piece is unique and will add Mexican countryside charm to any southwest...

What is Mexican style furniture?

Our Mexican Style Furniture pieces showcase many traditional elements that are typically related to the style of Spanish Furniture. Similar to the features of our Spanish Style Furniture, our Mexican Style pieces show off straight lines and shapes, with subtle detailing.

Why choose benchpro™ workbenches?

Quality features like our heavy weight capacity, our 25-year warranty, our use of name brand materials like Formica™ and LisStat™, BenchPro™ produces and distributes the finest workbenches available today. We stock nothing, yet produce workbenches and chairs in hundreds of colors and sizes in three to five days.

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