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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a half log bench made of?

This half log wood bench is the perfect seating solution for a rustic mountain lodgestyle outdoor space. Made from solid lodgepole pine, it has a durable build and finish and can support heavy weights. Like a work of art, each piece has been carefully handcrafted and proudly signed by the artisan who made it.

How do you make a log bench for a playground?

Log Bench for Playground A solid wooden bench, trampoline, and swing are some of the essentials you need to transform your backyard into a little playground for the munchkins. 10. Half Oak Log Bench Design Slice off the other half of the log to build a semicircular-designed bench. Split the other into two and use them as the base.

What kind of wood is used for a bench?

A handmade wooden bench made from hand-peeled northern white cedar logs. It has a clear coat catalyzed lacquer finish that ensures durability. It matches all kinds of contemporary and warm-looking interiors. Montana Half Log Bench

Are log benches comfortable?

Still a popular idea, log benches are a staple in most rural landscapes and meeting areas. While they might not be all that comfortable, they are sturdy, and can handle any weight put on them. Available in several ethically sourced wood options, these log benches will give your home a rustic look, and perhaps a new conversation starter.

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